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I've only just started setting up this page but I'll be adding videos and photos regularly. There are hundreds of songs to be posted, so stay tuned.


GUNNIN 4 U - Man Jack - October 2011


SLOW ACCELERATION - Man Jack - October 2011

A LONG DROP- Man Jack - August 2011

ROUNDING A CORNER - Man Jack - April 2011

CRUEL WORLD - Man Jack - 2005 (Remastered March 2011)

BLUE SKY DAY - Man Jack - Feb 2011

Video includes film of Valencia, Granada & Germany with a little animation thrown in. German footage by regular Chop Suey Joint collaborator Jakob Gramss.

Josep Amirola, who played violin on First Call for All Passengers (CSJ 2009), guest stars on this song with his 200 year old violin.

Another regular Chop Suey Joint collaborator, Tess supplies subliminal backing vocals.

Lyrically, I was trying to reflect the happy/sad undulation in life - can't know happiness without knowing sadness -trying to bring listeners down to some deep dark ideas in the verses in order to lift them up to great new heights in the smiley choruses. Lemme know if it works 4 u.




THE DARK ALLIANCE - Man Jack - Dec 2010


DON JUAN - Man Jack - Nov 2010


CITYBOUND (Stone Forest) - Man Jack - Feb-May 2010


EYEOPENING (excerpt) - Man Jack - 1998




STREAM (Stone Forest) - Man Jack - Feb-May 2010


FOREST CAVE (Stone Forest) - Man Jack - Feb-May 2010



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