Based in Valencia, Spain, Chop Suey Joint is a 16 piece band with a refreshing vision of pop music and a groovy live act to go with it.


Made up of a diverse selection Valencia's finest musicians, on stage the band is a finely tuned engine. Drums, percussion, horns, guitars, violin and synths merge with voices to provide a non-stop fun packed show.



 The experimental angles inherent in all Chop Suey Joint music is a direct result of the participation of a large variety of musicians and vocalists from all over the world: Spain, Australia, France, Cuba, Germany, Canada, England, Angola, USA, Poland, Palestine, Czech Republic and Brazil.



CSJ's most recent studio outing, First Call for all Passengers (2009), overflows with a dynamic mix of styles ranging from funk to flamenco, through rock, disco, electrónica, and finally back to funk again. The new compositions are a natural evolution on from the group's first two collections, Chop Suey Joint (2004) and Off the Radar (2005). All of this and more is available for free download here on this website.


Whether recorded in the studio or on stage, every piece of Chop Suey Joint music is meticulously crafted with the intention of guiding our listeners to some of the lesser explored areas in the world of pop. It is this quest for adventure that characterises the sonic universe of Chop Suey Joint.

Presently, the group are composing the songs for their next CD. See NEWS for updates.



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