CSJ have to date published three collections of music recorded in their own studios:

Chop Suey Joint (2004)

Off the Radar (2005)

First Call For All Passengers (2009)

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Chop Suey Joint

Lyrics: 01_intro
Lyrics: 02_do what you do
Lyrics: 04_casablanca
Lyrics: 05_dime que me quieres
Lyrics: 06_cuanto tiempo
Lyrics: 07_words are the enemy
Lyrics: 08_polar ice
Lyrics: 09_now or never
Lyrics: 10_interlude
Lyrics: 11_quise reir
Lyrics: 13_que pase algo

Off The Radar

Lyrics: 01_serpentine
Lyrics: 02_hold me back
Lyrics: 03_day at a time
Lyrics: 04_off the radar
Lyrics: 05_i wanna dance
Lyrics: 06_slave
Lyrics: 07_ice 2 corazon
Lyrics: 08_ven a mi
Lyrics: 09_robotic
Lyrics: 10_taken for a ride
Lyrics: 11_what i gotta do

First Call For All Passengers

Lyrics: 02_living the dream
Lyrics: 03_corre la voz
Lyrics: 04_get your act together
Lyrics: 05_vente conmigo
Lyrics: 06_gangland
Lyrics: 07_kaput
Lyrics: 08_what goes around
Lyrics: 09_pure art
Lyrics: 10_plan b
Lyrics: 11_kampania
Lyrics: 13_keep the motor running
Lyrics: 15_black light

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