Other Music

Once you have heard the music on the Chop Suey Joint CDs and seen the live band in action, perhaps you will be interested to hear some of our unpublished work on the Player below - experiments that the group worked on in preparation for the first CD, music for film, and songs that weren't included on any of the CDs for lack of space or coherence.


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Early Recordings

Man Jack Page

Man Jack has just opened a new page devoted exclusively to his music outside of Chop Suey Joint

Chop Suey Joint - 15 New Songs in the Pipeline

Fourth CD on the way...

Hard at Work

Chop Suey Joint have 10 new songs in production for CD 4

Man Jack - Fire Breathing Dragon

New Collection of Songs

Man Jack New Song

Viva La Evolution

Still Kicking

No news is good news as regards new CSJ music

New music for 2020

Chop Suey Joint release a brand new song Field of Flowers.