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International Music Project.

Chop Suey Joint make music. For Fun. All of the instrumentalists and most of the vocalists are professional musicians. This is a side project. A very big side project. And it never stops. Crafting the songs takes years of full-time energy. Sometimes we spring into action and take to the stage with a sixteen piece band. You'll find just about everything we have ever done on this webpage. Hope you enjoy your visit. Download a few songs to take with you. Book us to play. We're all yours.


chop suey noun  /ˌtʃɒpˈsuː.i/ Chinese (Cantonese) tsapsuì, miscellaneous bits, equivalent to Chinese (Mandarin) zá, mixed + Chinese (Mandarin) suì, to break up, pieces.]

joint noun (PLACE)  /dʒɔɪnt/ Originated from French, where it is an adjective meaning 'joined', derived from Latin iunctus, past participle of iungo meaning 'I join'. 1821, 'joint' became an Anglo-Irish term for a side-room. By 1877, this had developed into U.S. slang for a (usually shady) 'place, building, establishment'.

chop suey joint noun (BAND)  /ˌtʃɒpˈsuː.i dʒɔɪnt/ Risque melee; Cimmerian collectanea; suggestive assemblage; twilight congregation.



"He should have taken his sister Mattie straight to her beloved, greasy chop suey joint, then straight to a matinee, then straight to the train...." (SALINGER, J.D. The Stranger. Revista Collier's CXVI (December 1, 1945) pp18,77)

"The place looked like a chop suey joint. There were black and red lacquered tables scattered around, black curtains covered the window." (BURROUGHS, William S. Junkie. Penguin Books, 1977)


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